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Celebrating Black History Month

I was honored to be asked to create visual summaries for a lecture celebrating Black History Month. Dr. Caroline Hossein hosted the online lecture on February 9, 2024. The meeting began with a message from IDSSA ( members and a land acknowledgement.

Toronto poet Adebe DeRango-Adem read her poem "How to Spell Abolition".

Dr. Hossein introduced each of the 3 presentations, each summarized in an image below.

Andria Barrett spoke about the Banker Ladies Council based in Toronto, Canada.

Mother-daughter duo Catherine Ross and Lynda-Louise Burrell spoke about Museumand: The National Caribbean Heritage Museum based in the UK.

Nia Evans spoke about Ujima Cooperative, based in Boston, USA.

The work being done by all of those who participated in this lecture is extremely powerful. Though many try to disrupt their missions, they show up and continue to make changes to increase capital for Black women, and to dismantle oppresive systems.

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