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Multi Media Art

Other creations by Ellen

indoor mural of colorful abstract mountains and yellow sun with the artist Ellen O'Neill
A hand painted purple street sign with the word Grootslang, and a stuffed animal that is half elephant half snake wrapped around the signpost
an indoor mural in a bathroom featuring mountains in various shades of blue with evergreen trees in the foreground
an indoor mural with a colorful scene of abtract mountains with a yellow sun in a blue sky with fluffy clouds
a sign in the shape of a flying hawk with a galaxy scene, including planets, stars and light rays, painted on it
a series of labels for deovtional candles dedicated to chocolate, butter, wine, and coffee
a denim vest for a cat with a punk theme that has patches and marker drawings on it
Artist Ellen O'Neill paints a multi faced vase with wavy colorblocks
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