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Case Study

One of my clients, AIA Colorado (American Institute of Architects), used visuals very effectively during their Practice + Design 2020 conference. This was the first time their conference was held virtually and they wanted to make sure it was as engaging as possible for their participants.

Brief summary of the three day conference:

-Start of the day: pre-recorded video about the theme of the day

-Breakout sessions with speakers

-End of the day: panel discussion with speakers from the sessions

Visuals created by Noted by Ellen

-A summary visual for each of the pre-recorded videos

-A live visual during panel discussion

Use of visuals:

- A visual was displayed in the online session for participants to look at as they waited for the session to start

- The image created during the live panel discussion was shared with the participants during the last minutes of the live discussion stream

- A summary email was sent to all participants at the end of each day with the images from the theme video of the day and the image from the live panel discussion.

AIA 2020 Day 1 Panel.jpg
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