Graphic Recording

What is Graphic Recording?

In a nutshell, graphic recording is the live creation of a visual map of a presentation or meeting.  A visual aid is created in real time, promoting understanding of the topic and increasing retention of the presented information.

Why hire a Graphic Recorder?

You have a message to convey, I help you to get your point across to your audience by creating a live visual map of your presentation while you present it.  Audiences understand more clearly and retain more of your message when it is accompanied by a visual component.  

A live drawing can be useful in many scenarios:

-discussion groups


-planning meetings

-brainstorming sessions

-strategic planning

-gathering feedback


How does this work?

Before your event we work out the logistics of the meeting space.  If you have an overview of your topic at this time we can go over it to give me a starting point. If you have any specific colors you would like used to compliment a logo or theme, this can be accommodated as well.  

On the day of your presentation, your Graphic Recorder arrives with large scale paper and markers, ready to listen and create your visual map. Right after the presentation, the physical artifact is ready be on display for closer viewing by your audience. 


After the presentation time is over, your map is photographed, digitally edited as needed, and you receive the digital copy.  This digital image is yours to use as a reminder to the participants of your event, or to serve those who were unable to attend.


Send me a message here and let's talk about your upcoming project! 

What are your rates?

Full day rate starts at $1000

Rates do not include travel fees (when applicable).  Click here and let's work out a quote for your upcoming session!

FoCocreates Graphic Recording

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