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Fort Collins Startup Week in Sketchnotes, 2019

Last week was Startup Week here in Fort Collins. This was my second year attending and, as I was last year, I was impressed by how many members of the community came forward to share their expertise. Talk were offered on a wide range of topics pertaining to entrepreneurs and creatives. I attended as many as I could and brought my trusty sketchbook along. Visual notes are much more pleasant to look back on than a page full of handwriting, or a packet of presentation slides. To help spread the messages of the speakers, and to show some applications of visual note taking, I wanted to share all of my notes for anyone who is interested.

All recordings were done live, as the presenter was speaking. I kept the materials very simple: a basic sketchpad, a black Pigma Sensei pen, a black Sharpie pen, and a variety of Crayola Supertips for color.

The rest of this post includes pictures of all the notes I took during Startup Week. If I noted a talked you attended, I hope the visual serves as a good reminder of all the valuable information shared. If you were not at a talk that I recorded, I aim to cover the main points so you can get a good sense of the topics covered even if you were not in the room.

Startup Week sure energized me with ideas to keep growing my business. I hope the same for you!

Negotiation for Freelancers and Solopreneurs by Nick Armstrong

page over to see part 2

Visual Storytelling for your Brand by Valerie Mosley

page over to see part 2

Storyfied Marketing by John Garvey

page over to see part 2

Protecting your Creativity by Nicole Ressue

Marketing Strategy 101 by Nick Armstrong

page over to see parts 2 and 3

Find your E Commerce Platform by Sari Kimbell and Ben McConnell

page over to see parts 2 and 3

Breaking the Silence: Mental Health and Entrepreneurship with Robin Morning, Victoria Benjamin, Ali Owens, Sierra Frost and Chrysta Bairre

page over to see part 2

Finding the Root of Creative Blocks by Katrina Pfannkuch

page over to see part 2

5 Online Income Opportunities for Creatives by Franklin Taggart

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